A new historical fiction anthology series

A graphic novel designed exclusively for smartphone and tablet.

Bystander Chronicles is a historical fiction anthology series featuring comic art. Each app contains a self-contained digital graphic novel featuring a different, under-reported event from history.

On July 31st 2014, a portion of Kaohsiung City’s underground pipeline system filled with gas and exploded. The city sprang into action, helping those affected by the overnight disaster.

Angela Severson, an adrift rich kid in Koahsiung as a covert translator, is there when it happens. Faced with a situation that she can’t buy a plane ticket away from, how will she react?

This simple app delivers a reading experience and that’s all.

There are no in-app purchases, no ads, and no permissions required.

Direct view in apps like Comixology don’t use all of your screen, instead zooming panel by panel across the page. With Bystander Chronicles each panel expands across the screen with crisp and lush, full color artwork.

Search the app stores for Bystander Chronicles, or use the links below, and try the free preview now!